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Euthansia or Hospice?

Euthanasia is a difficult decision. It is also a humane and caring choice for pets who are suffering and no longer have an acceptable quality of life. Peaceful Paws Mobile Hospice provides in-home euthanasia service and transport of remains for burial or cremation.

If you are having trouble deciding if it is the "right time" for your pet, we can help with a consultation to assess quality of life and special needs for your pet

If it is not the right time, hospice care can help maintain the best quality of life possible for your pet in his/her declining period. Limited appointments are available for hospice care. During a hospice evaluation appointment, Dr. Leone will formulate a plan for the individualized care of your pet, and the caregiver will be educated to provide as much of the supportive care as possible.

Factors such as species, concurrent diseases, physical limitations, personality and the family dynamic are considerations in the formulation of a hospice care plan. Periodic visits by Dr. Leone or a qualified veterinary technician may be necessary for monitoring or more technical treatments. 

Whether euthanasia or a natural death is chosen, your pet's comfort is the primary concern.  

For more Information

If you have any comments or questions, please contact Dr. Leone at (908) 345-9880. Leave a message and Dr. Leone will respond. Please note that calls are not answered immediately. If you have an urgent situation and have not heard from Dr. Leone within 1 hour, please seek care at your local emergency veterinary facility. Most calls are answered within 24 hours.

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